For not upon these hills alone
The doom of sport shall fall
O'er the broad face of England creeps
The shadow on the wall.

Friday, October 31, 2003


I'm up on samizdata.net's quote of the day.

How did that happen?


I think now would be an appropriate time to mention the poppy.

Here's mine

Do you have one yet? Here at The England Project we think that this little bit of charity is a mark of respect that should never be allowed to die out.

Do you have kids? Do they know what the Poppy Appeal is all about?

UPDATE: Read some of these requests. They haven't forgotten each other, and we should not forget them.

Lovelock would like meet Bill Wittaker
Last Seen:
Where: Scotland -
When: 1944

Break, damn it

Over at samizdata.net Perry de Havilland reminds us that Michael Howard (most likely the next leader of the conservative party) is cast from the same mould as the current Home Secretary, David Blunkett.

Why is it that the bad moulds never break on the first casting?

Something wicked this way comes

Halloween is an odd occasion. As a child we are the enemy, banging on strangers doors
and rousing them from their films, dinners, massively multiplayer online roll playing games
and the like. Into our adult years we are the oppressed, fearing eggy reprisals and
annoying interruptions to our evening routine. As a parent, we actively recruit our children
into the enemy ranks, paying for their uniforms, advising on tactics and, more likely than
not, providing logistical support.

But is it frightening?

Diamond Geezer suggests that we adults are far more frightened about the whole thing
than any of the children are.

I suspect he is right.

The path

From the Front Rank,
To the Solent.

From the Solent,
To the Samizdat.

From the Samizdat,
To the Edge.

Then Across the Atlantic,
To Lileks.

And back again,
For the England Project.